Dress the Part!

Photo sessions are an event and should be dressed as such, compliment (don't match) each other, and have fun with it! In the past I've heard clients say, "We just want to be casual, we are simple when it comes to style" etc. and I totally understand that sentiment and I want clients to feel comfortable, but you can look and feel comfortable while rocking a flattering maxi dress, striped button up and cotton henley tee. Clients get invited to weddings and dress the part because it is a nice event - photo sessions need to be looked at in the same regard. It is a special day and outfits, no matter what the style, are a big part of that. If a client's style is a little on the vintage side then, great! Let's roll with that vibe and make the entire family ensemble next-level retro! It's all about having fun with the outfits and accessories.

The most common mistakes.

The most common mistake we see is dressing casual. Clients dressing for a normal work day may not work. The other mistake is having too matching outfits - everyone wearing the same shade of blue and white. If blue and white is the color scheme they want to go with we always try and mix in shades of blue, white patterns, and neutral textures. Lastly, another common mistake we see are loose fitting dresses or shirts for women. Women think, "the baggier the better" but, that can't be further from the truth! ALWAYS wear something that is shape defining - shirts that have a tapered waist or flexible fabric and dresses that are cinched at the waist or throw on a belt..

What are the biggest Do's and Dont's.

The list of Do’s and Dont's is actually pretty small! Don't wear sporty tennis shoes, large logos, neon colors or baggy clothes and do not try to match everyone in the session. The Do list can be pretty long, but that is because there are SO many options that are photo approved and make clients look fantastic in photos. Do wear complimentary color tones, mix and match patterns with solids (example 1 pattern for every 2 solids), males should wear colored slacks or dark wash jeans, little girls and infants should wear bloomers under dresses, and pick accessories that tie everything together.